Definite Purpose

It is said by Napoleon Hill that definite purpose is the early sign
of success person.

This definite purpose is a will power inside us, it is a purpose
that no matter what it takes to get it, you will get it.
And even if you don’t get it this time, you will do everything to
achieve this purpose next time, you mind will support you to do it over
and over until you get it.

When you are after one goal really tight, everything will make way for

Having a definite purpose take a man’s braveness, determination, and
clear destination, you need to know exactly what you want, and what
you need to do to get there.

And most important thing is: You do it.

Once a man asked: What do I do when I have a thought?
“Action.” said the hero in the movie ‘Point Break’
Definite purpose will make sure you have the action.

The definite purpose is different from desire, it is godlike.

There is a saying that every single person is a entirely different
universe, by ending a man’s life, a universe, a world will be gone with
Your body is one of ‘You’, Your brain, your mind, your thought makes
another ‘You’, and your soul is the last you.

Most of the time, we are the second ‘You’.
When we have a thought, we analyse it, and we decide if we do it, or
not. We are our own GOD.

A ‘DEFINITE PURPOSE’ was a thought as well, but it became a ‘have to’
decision that we have made base on the condition that we are in, or the
future that we are looking forward to.

Human is different from other low-grade animal because we can think
about ourself, our brain are able to turn over and think about
itself. Isn’t that interesting?
Low-grade animals won’t, their brain are better used to think about how
to hunt and fill their hungry stomach.

We have idea about what is going on with ourself and we never feel
satisfy about ourself, there is always something better for us to
pursue. For example, money was never enough for 99.99% of people. We
have ambitions and we make our plans to get there.

But our civilisation have develop for millions years, we have a heavy
history, we have enough people to hold the order of the world (they are
the 20% of man who takes 80% of the resources)

They created barriers to limits the 80% of the people, to limit their
mind, and make thing hard for them, they have taxes, they have complex
procedures to go through. (Many people fight their entire life for
others’ dream) . But on the other hand, they puzzle you, trying to make
you feel satisfy about your current condition, one example would be the
credit card. People spend the money for now but they have to pay them
back in the next month. The point of it is to stimulate people’s demand.
When they don’t have the credit card, they give up the things that they
can’t afford, they feel sad but that prevent them from getting
themselves trapped from the ‘rat race’. But look at what thing turned
now, people are spending money that they don’t have, and they are happy
because they can get more stuff! But they pay their debt that they owned
months before. (Housing loans is another thing).

Sometimes they spent too much so that they don’t have enough money to
live on, they would use their credit card and that is how they got
trapped onto the rat race finally.

When the time comes, you have a excellent opportunity to start a
business, you couldn’t get the money, because, obviously, you spent them
months ago.

For all the barriers we got. How can we get out of this trap?

Actually it is not complex.
You need to be able to see beneath the surface.

See the principle behind the common sense, what blows the sea is the
real principle that the world runs. You might never know that rich
people are able to do their personal consumption before they pay the
tax. Do you realise how much tax you are paying to the government evert
month? every year?

There is always a way to get out your current predicament. And that is
related to ‘How deep you see beneath the surface’.

It is late night, have to rest. I will write the things I know, my
thought out like this in the future, for communication, and practise as

Good night world.

Today, I’m going to talk about a new topic —traveling.


Do you think there is a relationship between traveling and time


I hear quite often people tell me that they have neither the time nor
the money to travel. Sometimes they will say they have the time but not
enough money or they may say they have plenty of money but not time.


Michelle Obama, former first lady of the United States once said that
traveling ten thousand miles is better than reading ten thousand books.


I am an experienced and passionate global traveler. I once made a plan
to travel throughout Europe with my son for one month during summer
holiday. Despite the time and budgetary challenges this presented, I
achieved my goal.


In the past few years, have had to make the time to travel in order to
achieve my dream. I’ve also had to teach others how to make the time to
travel. I earned that time by working hard to increase my work
efficiency and increasing my money through careful planning. You can do
this too.


The first step is to want to travel. You must have the dream and then
you must set the goal. A quote goes that “The world steps aside for the
man who knows what he wants.”


You must start with the dream not on the off chance that it will come
true but because it can never become real unless you dream it first. It
is a necessary first step. If you spend time finding a way to achieve
it, time will prove everything is possible.


I will talk about several aspects of traveling in the next few lessons.
Today I want to talk about the purpose of traveling.


What’s the purpose of traveling?


There are four parts of this in my opinion.


First, traveling should be an opportunity for you to relax.


Traveling at least once a year will help you relax your body and refresh
yourself for the next year. Having this refresh point will allow you to
plan and execute the next year with new energy and focus.


Over the course of a year people, like you, become exhausted working
almost continuously, leaving little time to sufficiently recharge, eat,
sleep and be with family.


Because of this, most people don’t get even one change in the year to
fully recuperate. Even during holidays and mini-vacations, most of that
time is spent preparing for the festivities. Traveling can be the chance
for you to relax, recharge and free yourselves.


Second, traveling is a chance to see the world differently than your
used to seeing it and expand your perspective.


Why do you think it means that traveling a thousand miles is better than
reading a thousand books?


I think it means that experiencing and observing the world first hand
will help us truly expand our perspective and build an outlook that will
change the way we see and act in our daily lives.


We spend most of our lives operating in the same routines each and every
day and in those routines we gather the basic necessities of life and
make contact with the same people. Traveling to different lands allows
us to see differences in culture and habits – habits borne out of
cultural ways. The world you experience contrasts greatly from the world
you’re used to.


As one of the presidents of Harvard University said, life is a journey,
not a destination.


The third purpose of traveling is to see how others do things
differently than you do and achieve the same or greater happiness.


You will learn many new things during your travels.


You can apply the things you learn from your travels to your work and
life to make things easier, different and more rewarding to you.

旅行能够让我们把这几个 分歧地点的人的创新意识运用到祥和的干活和生存中。

A traveler in ancient Greece said the world is like a book, but only
through travel can we read to the end of it.

古希腊共和国(The Republic of Greece)的三个游人说世界是1本书,唯有全世界旅行,我们手艺翻到书的结尾。

Most people live in the same city all of their lives and rarely venture
beyond it.


Most haven’t been able to see the wonders of Beijing such as the
Forbidden Palace, the Temple of Heaven, and the Bird’s Nest – three
great attractions in Beijing.


Each day of life brings us love and hate in turns and often we can
become affected by this cycle. We start to expect it. It becomes a habit
within us.


But we aren’t aware of how love and hate forms for others throughout the
world. Traveling gives us the new perspective that we don’t have to feel
the way we do sometimes. We can feel like others do.


The fourth reason to travel is to create motivation.


Many of us work to make money. We work smarter not harder. We try to
improve. And the reward for all of this is have time to relax and enjoy


If we have a concrete goal such as travel to work towards and apply our
hard earned income, we’ll work more seriously and pay attention to the
details of our work.


Traveling is a wonderful thing for so many reasons and in the end it
will increase our efficiency and the value of our work. Isn’t that a
great thing?